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There’s a bunch of legal stuff to take care of, so I’ve decided to create this page.

Let me tell you about some privacy related stuff in simple terms:

  • This website does not, by itself, store any information that can be used to identify you as an individual.
  • This website does log IP addresses and user agents of any entity that visits it.
  • If you log in to Disqus on this website, you are consenting to sharing your personal information, or information that can be used to identify you, to a third party (Disqus).
  • This website makes use of Google adsense to show you non-personalized ads. If you don’t like that, you can use any adblock to avoid seeing ads.
  • I also make use of Google’s SEO stuff, so I technically can see anonymised location information of any searches of this site as well. This information does not identify you in any way whatsoever.
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